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Are you considering hiring domestic staff to make your life easier and your household more organized? The process can be smooth and successful with the right approach. We've gathered some expert tips to guide you through the process of recruiting reliable domestic staff who will seamlessly integrate into your home. Let's dive in!

This is the most frequently asked question from clients inquiring about our business at Pukena Cars & Drivers. The next one is, "What type of car is best used for the business?"

Let's get down to details right away...

Taxify is on of the world's fastst growing ride-sharing app that has turned car owners into millionaires in the last three years. With their operational base in Lagos, Abuja and some other states in Nigeria, Taxify has, for the past two years, cemented it's place as Nigeria No 1 ride-sharing platform with best incentives for drivers and partners. 

Pukena helps your onboarding process on Taxify very smooth by providing you with the best drivers. Following the steps below to learn how to make money on Taxify.

Finding and employing a nanny in Nigeria can be a painstaking and overwhelming process. The safety of your children comes first in making a choice. You must ascertain the person’s personality to know if she/he will be a good fit for your family, you are required to make many critical considerations. Even more, with the frequent release of videos showing nannies in Nigeria and other parts of Africa maltreating their wards, it is important that parents remain skeptical when making a choice. That's where Pukena steps in to help.

One of the most important initial steps you need to take at this early stage of your business is to register your business entity. Today it's very simple to do so all by yourself. You only need the help of someone else if you simply don't have time to do it for yourself.

So let me show you how you can register your business name in Nigeria.

Sometimes the cost of maintaining a car could drive one crazy. No wonder many believe that a car is a liability.

Below are some things you can do to take your car from being a money-draining machine into a money-making machine: 
1. Put it on Uber/Taxify and make at least 120k a month.

Start Small, Think Big- How to Grow Your Business as An Entrepreneur.

Start Small, Think Big- How to Grow Your Business As An Entrepreneur.

How To Become A Good Tutor?

How To Become A Good Tutor?

Why You Need To Have Your Car Insured

Why You Need To Have Your Car Insured

Car insurance is very essential because it covers the expenses of your vehicle damage or injuries to other drivers. Insuring your car has a lot of benefits that can save you from the headaches of roadside tragedy. Car insurance is a way of protecting yourself in case of any roadside misfortune. It does not only protect you but it also covers others that maybe riding in your car.